The clients who come to Village Antiques and Interiors, Inc. for our consulting services rely broadly on us for our practiced eye, extensive historical knowledge of antiques, experience with current trends, and our sophisticated design sensibility.  Our individual approach to consultation makes us a favorite choice of designers to bring their creative vision to life.

In addition to serving the architecture and design community, we also consult extensively with major hotels, spas, and restaurants.   Other clients include corporations, public institutions, and high-end residential home owners.

The clients of Village Antiques draw on our immense, diverse, and always-evolving antique and fine art collection.  We have numerous sources for specialized collections that help us utilize exciting resources for our consulting clients.  The owners of Village Antiques at Biltmore travel the world in search of fine art, antiques, and modern objects, to help meet our clients’ demands.

We offer auction representation to those clients who are interested in purchasing objects from what can be a challenging acquisition environment.  We have decades of experience buying in this arena and we are able to navigate the business side of the auction world on your behalf. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your representation needs.