Village Antiques is always interested in purchasing fine art, decorative arts, and antiques.   We know there are many reasons for wanting to sell collected items. Whether it is a living or deceased estate, a personal collection, or just downsizing, we have the resources and professional experience to competently and efficiently assist you.

Village Antiques at Biltmore works closely with estate lawyers, executors, and institutions, both corporate and nonprofit, as well as individuals, to privately purchase all manner and volume of materials. Our knowledge and expertise come from over 50 combined years of handling and purchasing all types of antiques and fine art.

Though there are many choices when it comes to selling objects, we offer a viable, confidential alternative to estate sales or auctions that is much faster and more private. Additionally, we remove the uncertainty that accompanies many other methods of selling and offer prompt, professional consultation and payment.

If you are interested in selling one item or an entire estate, please contact us by email or phone for a free consultation. If sending photos or descriptions, please include the type of item, measurements, age, and provenance if available. We will promptly reply to discuss your items.